Ultimate Elevator Pitch

In The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience by Carmine Gallo there is a small section on the Ultimate Elevator Pitch. In all my research I have not been able to beat it. And every entrepreneur I meet is forced to listen to me while I expound its virtues.

Basically there are four key questions that an investor wants the answers to:

1) What do you do?

Your business. Your product. Your service. What is it that the business does to make money?

2) What problem do you solve?

The value proposition. Who are you adding value for and it what way?

3) How are you different?

There should be other players in the market, but how do you stand out?

4) Why should I care?

What is in it for the investor? What are you looking for? Over what time period? With what return on investment? And what type of exit?

And each question needs to be answered within a couple of sentences with the whole answer presenting the business, is value proposition, its USP and the investment opportnity.

For example, one of my businesses is the Business Incubator magazine. Our elevator pitch is as follows:

The Business Incubator magazine (TBI) is the first global publication for incubation professionals that provides the latest industry news, examples of successful practice, reviews of useful resources, and insight from industry practitioners and experts. It is delivered on paper, online and on tablet.

Whilst often in national or regional networks, incubation professionals do not always connect with the latest thinking from around the world. The best ideas are not shared as widely as possible leading to missed opportunities. TBI makes these connections and opens up access between diverse incubators.

TBI is not a traditional business magazine, nor academic journal. It is a highly accessible, thought provoking periodical that delivers insight in a readily consumable fashion. With high quality design principles it stands out against the range of newsletters currently available.

TBI intends to become the hub of international incubation thought-leadership, best practice and other content. The opportunity is to participate in the rapid growth of the business with a potential exit to a global media business within 4-5 years.

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